Importing an OpenAPI Specification

You can import OpenAPI specifications in Sanbox from a .json or .yaml formatted spec. To achieve this, click the Other Windows button located on the top right of Sanbox Designer.

Location of Other Windows Button

You can then choose the Import OpenAPI Spec option in the opened menu. This opens the import window.

You are given the option to import from a file, a link, or just raw text. Once you've chosen the spec to import, Sanbox begins the import process.

How Sanbox Imports OpenAPI Specs

Sanbox will generate Prefabs for each API endpoint listed in the specification. Each prefab will contain an Invoke HTTP API Node. Configured in the node will be information taken from the spec to call the specific endpoint, as well as embedded models for any schema found in the spec.

Some features of the OpenAPI spec are not supported in Sanbox due to the design of Sanbox. Schema with oneOf, allOf, anyOf, not transforms are not supported.