Function Start

Use to start a function workflow. A function workflow is a reusable workflow that can be executed from any other workflows, including other function workflows

The Function Start Node can be used to create a function Workflow. Functions can be executed from any other Workflow.

Function Workflows start with a Function Start Node and end with a Function End Node.

Configuring the Function Start Node

Category: Category this function will show in the Node Selector.

Summary: Quick description of what the function does.

Inputs: One or more inputs for this function. Each input name must be all lower case with no special characters. You can set a description for the input as well as set a model to be used by clicking the edit button. Clicking the minus button removes the input.

If you specify a model to be used for input, the model will be validated against the input data.

Using Functions

After you saved a valid Workflow with a Function Start Node and a Function End Node, you can visit the Node Selector to use your function as a Node.