Copy Files

Copies files and underlying directories from a source directory to a target directory.

You can use the Copy Files Node to take one directory found on the Runtime machine and copy its contents, including sub directories, to another target directory.

Configuring a File Copy Node

Source Directory: Directory of which files will be copied from.

Target Directory: Directory of which files will be copied to. If the directory doesn't exist, it will be created.

Regex: You can specify a regular expression to be used to filter what files will be included. The Runtime will filter each file path, not directory path. The complete file path is passed to your regular expression, not just the file name.

Clean Target Directory: Check this checkbox to have the Runtime delete everything in the Target Directory before copying files over.

Overwrite: Check this checkbox to have the Runtime overwrite existing files. If this box remains unchecked, files that already exist will be left alone, unless, of course, you selected the Clean Target Directory option.

Flatten Folders: When checked, the Runtime will take all the files found in the Source Directory and its sub directories, and copy them all into Target Directory without creating any sub directories.

File paths must use the proper path delimiter for the OS your Runtime is running under. '\' for Windows and '/' for Linux. You can use the getDirSep Text Template function to retrieve the proper directory separator for your system.