List Files/Directories

Produces an array of strings representing file or directory paths for a given directory.

The List Files/Directories Node will output a list of files or directories found in a given directory.

List Files/Directories Node Configuration

Operation: You can choose either Files to list all files, or Directories to list all directories.

Directory Path: The directory path to list files or directories.

Search Regex: An optional regular expression that will be used to filter the resulting list. The regular expression will be ran on the entire path for each result found.

Recursive Search: If checked, all sub directories of the Directory Path will be listed, otherwise just the immediate files/directories found in the Directory Path will be listed.

File paths must use the proper path delimiter for the OS your Runtime is running under. '\' for Windows and '/' for Linux. You can use the getDirSep Text Template function to retrieve the proper directory separator for your system.