Debugging Workflows

How to debug Workflows in Sanbox
Debug Workflows Panel

You can debug workflows by visiting the Debug Workflows Panel. To start debugging, you must have a opened Workflow.

Sanbox's debug system is designed to be ran once, and then forgotten about. You can start the debug session, and then close the debug panel while still making changes to your Workflows and navigating to other Workflows. If you modify a Workflow while debugging, the debug session will continue, but your telemetry will be out of sync until you save the Workflow.

When you start a debug session, the Runtime will monitor execution of all Workflows you have loaded and push telemetry data to you. Anytime these Workflows are executed, whether its an API that was just called, or a job that is scheduled, you will see it. If, however, the Workflow is an API being executed multiple times at once, for instance, the Runtime will do a first-come, first-serve basis of which Workflow execution to send you debug telemetry for.

You should be conscious while running a debug session with a great number of workflows opened as this may cause performance issues if all these workflows are actively running.

Live debug telemetry for a login workflow, an invalid password is being handled.

As debug telemetry arrives in real-time, the Designer will display the following:

  • Nodes working will have their borders animated.

  • Connections will light up when data is flowing through your inputs/outputs

  • Errors thrown will show a red border on the node that threw the error.

  • Nodes that had been executed will have their labels highlighted.

Telemetry data will remain until the Workflow is executed again. Stopping the debug session will not clear your telemetry data. Clicking the Clear Debug Data button will remove all telemetry data for the opened Workflow. With the Auto Object Viewer option selected, you can click- nodes or inputs/outputs on the Designer Surface to view what data was outputted and inputted.

There is a small overhead while running Workflows being monitored by a debug session causing them to sometimes run slightly slower. However, this overhead does not apply to the execution time of nodes. You can reliably count on the execution time diagnostic information of nodes. Hovering over nodes with the mouse while debug data is visible will show you this information.