Prefabs in Sanbox Designer

In Sanbox Designer, you can make a selection on the surface and choose the Create Prefab context menu option to create a Prefab. A Prefab is a template created with all the elements under the selection. After creating a Prefab, you can recall the Prefab at any time on any workflow by choosing Use Prefab context menu option on an empty space in the Surface.

Choosing the Create Prefab option in the above scenario shows the Create New Prefab dialog.

Prefab Information Filled Out

You (or any other Designer users on the Runtime) can recall the Prefab you've created by right-clicking an empty space on the Surface and choosing the Use Prefab option. This opens the Prefab Picker.

You can delete Prefabs by right-clicking them in the Prefab Picker and choosing Delete Prefab, or delete entire categories by right-clicking the category in the Prefab Picker and choosing the Delete Prefabs In Category option.

Prefabs are also generated by Sanbox Designer. Follow the guide below to learn how to generate Prefabs from an OpenAPI specification.